3 Great Reasons to Install a Custom Fire Pit

When creating your dream outdoor space, a fire pit is essential. However, if you found this blog, you might be hesitant and wondering if all of the upkeep of a custom fire pit space is worth it. At Alderwood, we believe the perfect outdoor space isn't complete without elements of fire, water, and light, so we have several reasons for you to install an outdoor fire pit.


A serene fire pit area welcomes you with a comforting glow and the knowledge that warmth is just a step away. A fire pit creates a space that envelops guests with an inviting ambiance. The glow of the flame offers the perfect place for making memories with friends, roasting a marshmallow, or enjoying a romantic evening. These unique hosting opportunities are a big reason we love fire pits so much!


How often has your gathering been cut too short due to dropping temperatures? When you have a warm fireplace, cool weather is simply an excuse to make more memories! As warm summer evenings turn into cool autumn nights, a fire pit allows the party to continue into the night!

Unique Design

Alderwood designs custom fire pit areas to ensure they fit perfectly with each space for each client. For some, a custom fire pit is a gorgeous art piece that adds aesthetics and design to your home. For others, we have designed sunken fire pit areas where the rock forms natural seating. Regardless of design choice, a fire pit takes your landscape to another level.

The atmosphere provided by a fire pit is unmatched and the highlight of every evening gathering. In addition to the ambiance, warmth, and design aspects, a fire pit brings resort living to your own backyard.

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