5 Sustainable Elements for Your Luxury Landscape

You may think you have to sacrifice to experience the level of outdoor luxury living you're looking for while maintaining a sustainable environment. However, advances in technology and landscape architecture have allowed the two to co-exist in one landscape quite luxuriously! If you are planning on major landscape construction, here are a few things to include in your design while still taking care of the earth and your natural surroundings!

Permeable Pavers

One luxurious option for an eco-friendly landscape is permeable pavers. Though paver patios are wildly popular, permeable pavers are the best option if you are interested in protecting your surrounding space from run-off. These pavers are specially created and installed to allow any excess water to drain between them. This reduces puddling and enables the earth underneath to soak up the water gradually as it falls. Not only do permeable pavers reduce run-off pollution, but they are available in such extravagant styles that there is no need to compromise on aesthetics.

Natural Rockery

We love using natural rockery in our designs for an unmatched, original appearance. When possible, we like to use resources already available at the job site. Even if we need to move them around the yard for drainage solutions or a retaining wall, we do our best to use existing boulders throughout a landscape's rockery. In this way, we reduce labor, cost, and waste for the most sustainable process possible. Our renowned boulder work is the ultimate display of sustainable luxury.

Lavish Gardens

Especially in tropical and high precipitation climates, luscious, forest-like garden spaces are quite trendy. In addition to the lush aesthetic, multiple plantings and trees provide cleaner air and an overall healthier climate. In addition, installing a water feature or pond to complete the space offers the perfect living environment for your backyard wildlife. From pollinators to grazing bunnies, little critters attracted to a gorgeous garden wonderfully enhances your eco-friendly yard.

LED Lighting

While the implementation of LED lighting has been a growing trend for a while, the use of these lights in high-end landscapes is a relatively new idea. When these features first hit the market, they were too dim and clunky to be an effective light source in luxury yards. However, in recent years, technology has greatly improved, and LED lighting is now a functional feature for the outdoors. New style and design options make them suitable for even the most prestigious yards. Built for efficiency and loved for their durability, these cost-effective lighting alternatives are a wonderful sustainable option to light your landscape.

Ground Coverings

Lengthy, green grass yards are a thing of the past when it comes to high-end estates. As more homeowners seek ease over anything else, alternative ground covers, with their low-maintenance benefits, have grown in popularity. Numerous homeowners now ask for low-maintenance, organic designs. Read more about organic landscape elements here. For lawn alternatives specifically, this includes clover ground covers and artificial turf. Both of these are growing trends among high-end homeowners and, when installed well, radiate opulence.

While you may not want each of these sustainable features in your landscape renovation, there is something to be said for the industrial advances that have provided so many options.

Whether you are simply curious as to the possibilities or are ready to begin your journey to a stunning backyard resort, feel free to give us a call! We would be happy to discuss your landscape potentials!

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