An Inside View of Alderwood's Sustainable Practices

While Alderwood specializes in backyard resorts, our crews are committed to protecting the environment and conserving its resources as much as possible

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Alderwood's Sustainable Certified System provides three package options for those that want to take their landscape to the next "green" level with advanced technology. That being said, every one of Alderwood's projects is designed and completed in the most environmentally-savvy way possible. By using these eco-friendly practices, we hope to provide a more sustainable space for our clients to enjoy for years to come!

Here are a few ways that we focus on using our resources wisely:

Site Planning

To best protect a project's environment, Alderwood starts with site planning. By understanding the surroundings, topography, and drainage systems, crews can properly place plantings, elements, grass (or turf), and pavers. Site planning, as well as adhering to city or county code, ensures project longevity and success.

Water Management

Alderwood always provides efficient water usage within backyard resort projects. Since the vast majority of our clients enjoy the sound of trickling waterfalls in their backyard resorts, Alderwood makes sure these elements conserve as much water as possible while operating. All of our water features have timers, in-line chlorinators, and on-site overflow. We also set up the properties with a sustainable drainage system, including water management features, such as dry wells or dry beds, if necessary. We offer several kinds of irrigation systems, including drip irrigation and MP rotators. These are proven to save more water and work more efficiently than other in-ground sprinkler heads.

Soil Amendments

Our recycled soil amendments benefit plantings by surrounding them with nutrients. These amendments include items like compost and organic fertilizers. Our gravel, another ground cover we utilize, is made up of left-over crushed concrete.

Team Behavior

Alderwood also limits excessive costs and travel whenever possible. Crews only work on one job at a time to avoid unnecessary travel or movement of materials and equipment. We also make an effort to place employees on jobs close to their houses (or hotels). Even our office staff maintain energy-saving habits when they can.

It is a team effort, and we all try to do our part!

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