Best Fruit to Grow in the Pacific Northwest

Do you prefer homegrown fruit to store-bought fruit? In the Northwest, we have varieties of fruit that grow well and some that struggle to survive. In this blog, we review some of the best fruits to grow in the Pacific Northwest.

Step 1: Know your Zone

Wherever you live, you’ll have a climate zone number that reflects your weather. This can then be used to determine how cold-hardy your plants should be or if a specific tree will likely survive based on the weather. These maps of the USDA hardiness zones should help you determine your zone. For this blog, we’ll be considering zones 6-7. 

Source: https://planthardiness.ars.usd...

Fruit Trees

One of the most reliable long-term food producers is a fruit tree. The Pacific Northwest is blessed with winter that benefits certain plants with something called “chill hours.” This is when your tree will remain dormant, and most of these trees need this to be fruitful.

Some of the best choices:

  • Apples - A favorite variety: Honey Crisp
  • Pears - A favorite variety: Comice
  • Cherries - A favorite variety: Bing

Can succeed, but cold hardy varieties are recommended:

  • Plums - A favorite variety: Italian
  • Apricots - A favorite variety: Goldcot
  • Bonus variety: The Pluot! A sweet mix of the plum and apricot. A great choice for variety: A “multi-graft” Flavor King, Flavor Queen, Flavor Supreme and Dapple Dandy Pluots®
  • Peaches - A favorite variety: Elberta
  • Nectarines - A favorite variety: Independence

Perennial Fruit

Perennials are plants that last longer than a year, making harvest continue for years. Some of these plants also rely on chill hours to be successful. Based on where you live, these plants may be growing natively in your area!

Some of the best choices:

  • Blueberries - A favorite variety: Bluecrop
  • Raspberries - A favorite variety: Heritage
  • Bonus variety: Tayberry, a delicious cross between a blackberry and raspberry that ripens in between!
  • Strawberries - A favorite variety: Earliglow
  • Grapes - A favorite variety: Thomson Seedless
  • Elderberries - A favorite variety: York
  • Gooseberries - A favorite variety: Hinnonmaki Red
  • Currants - A favorite variety: White Versailles


Annuals need to be grown from scratch every year. Most of the annual fruits are better in warm climates, but it can certainly be done in the Pacific Northwest by choosing carefully or starting indoors or in a greenhouse. A UV light can do wonders for indoor starts to prevent leggy growth.

Some of the best choices:

  • Tomatoes - A favorite variety for fruit before the frost: Sunsugar
  • Spaghetti Squash - A favorite variety: Classic Spaghetti Squash
  • Zucchini - A favorite variety: Green Zucchini

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew are all possible; make sure to give them full sun!

Other plants

We may have missed some! There are lots of varieties out there, and some varieties that cross, for example, the tayberries and pluots listed above. The list above is what stood out to us.

Some fruits not listed here can succeed with special care or if moved to a winterized greenhouse or garage. Some may even succeed well indoors. These need more TLC, but it can be done! From dwarf orange trees to fig trees, tactful cultivation can yield a variety of delicious fruit. For every fruit you grow, it’s worth considering a few different varieties to extend your harvest. Happy growing!

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