Easy Tips for a Green Lawn All Summer Long

Keeping your lawn perfect and golf-course-green all summer long is a difficult--and sometimes frustrating--task. While environment, heat, and summer showers all play varying roles, there are a few easy things anyone can do for healthy grass!

Quality Soil

Without quality soil, your grass will not have the support it needs to grow well--regardless of watering or care. Thus, be sure to take care of this in early spring of next year for the best lawn. Begin planning this now, though, so that you are ready in time! Regardless of your current soil, though, follow the remaining tips to bring life to your yard this year!

Good quality, loose soil allows for roots to penetrate the soil for healthy, long-lasting grass that will survive the winter. Aerate the ground by poking holes a foot or two apart. This allows for seamless water infiltration and deep, strong roots as a result!

Sustainable Watering

For most lawns in the Pacific Northwest, one to two inches of water per week is best. For especially hot days, feel free to water more as needed. Early morning watering ensures less water waste from evaporation.

Mowing Habits

When you mow during the hot summer months, allow roots to grow deeply and survive the heat by raising your mower so that the blades are about 3 inches tall. Also, do not bag clippings. Instead, leave them on the lawn so vital nutrients can feed the grass as clippings decompose.

While following these steps may be easier said than done, with practice and dedication, you too can have a gorgeous lawn all summer long!

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