Five Ideas for Organic Landscape Design

Want to create your dream landscape using organic materials? Not sure if it is possible while also achieving gorgeous results?

Here are five design tips for creating a stunning--and eco-friendly--landscape. These will have you well on your way to the sustainable space of your dreams!

Organic Lawn Alternatives

When starting the landscape design process, a vibrant green lawn usually makes its way into the plans. However, maintenance of a grassy lawn often requires chemical products and toxic fertilizers. If you want the lush ground without the upkeep, there are several other options. Ground covers like clover or natives grasses grow well on their own and reduce the need for fertilizers. In some areas, you can buy and plant lawn alternative seed mixes. These are great organic options for those wanting to maintain an eco-friendly design. A simple Google search or a trip to your local garden store should reveal your choices.

Weed-Free Design

Since weed killers are often how pesticides make their way into our yard, limit the temptation to use these by eliminating the weeds! Of course, we know that it is not that easy. However, there are ways that you can design your yard from the start to "plan" for weed growth. As mentioned, using clover or other ground covers that use the majority of your soil's nutrients is a great place to start. Natural materials such as fallen leaves and dead branches make a healthy mulch. As we enter into spring, apply heavy layers of this mulch around plants and on top of the soil to deter weed growth. When designing your landscape, you can also limit weed growth by purposefully using soil space for other flowers and plants. That way, weeds have less room to invade, and if they do, a few minutes of pulling weeds (as opposed to a few hours!) should be all you need!

Natural Landscape Design

Using natural materials is not only an eco-friendly way to design your landscape, but it has also become a growing trend in recent years. Use large rocks to create separate "rooms" for relaxing and playing in your space. We love using large basalt boulders for naturally luxurious fire pit lounge areas. Surround these with native plantings to add an organic touch and offer privacy. Whether you have drainage issues or are (un)fortunate enough to experience the Pacific Northwest's rainy seasons, consider creating a dry creek bed out of rocks and small stones. When designed correctly, these dry beds become a magnificent natural water feature after rainy days.

Organic Living: Gardening

Perhaps too obvious to mention, vegetable and herb gardens are an excellent way to bring organic habits to life. Not only is gardening a fun hobby, but it also saves on your grocery bill and provides a beautiful focal point for any landscape. With so many people staying home throughout the past year, gardening has become a trending hobby with plenty of resources and materials available to get started. If you have kiddos under your roof, here are a few ways you can instill in them the love of gardening.

Hire a Professional

If you want to completely upgrade your landscape with resort-style features such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and water features, you may be curious about how to accomplish this with organic elements. However, designing such a large project with eco-friendly methods in mind is precisely what our architects do at Alderwood Landscaping.

If you are ready to experience your dream yard in a guilt-free, stress-free way, give us a call or head over here to get started! We would love to create your backyard paradise.

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