Product Spotlight: Hunter Industries MP Rotators for Yard Irrigation

This week on the blog, we are highlighting one of our favorite products. A reliable, cost-effective irrigation system is invaluable, which is why Hunter Industries MP Rotators are Alderwood Sustainable Certified. Interested to learn more? Let us explain!

What are Rotary Nozzles?

An alternative to typical sprinkler systems, rotary nozzles fit into most regular fixed sprinkler heads. They are smaller than classic models and dispense water through several, tiny holes which results in a slower, more powerful flow. The majority of rotary nozzles brands have different sizes and spray radiuses varying from 90 to a full 360 degrees, which allows for precise watering.

Environmental Benefit

Due to the nozzles' size, the water is dispensed more slowly and in smaller amounts. This allows the water to soak into the soil more efficiently, reducing water usage and run-off. Also, sprinklers and powerful streams stay closer to the ground, reducing the amount of water carried away by the wind. Experts agree that rotary nozzles are the most efficient way to irrigate landscapes and gardens.

Why We Choose Hunter's

There are a few brands of these sprinklers on the market, but our architects prefer MP Rotators due to their measurable, sustainable impact. Hunter Industries offers several different sizes of nozzles for ultimate precision. They also save up to 30% of water usage compared to fixed heads. Unique to this brand, MP Rotators also have a double "pop up" feature, which clears debris when turning on.

Providing installation of Hunter's MP Rotators allows us to offer sustainable, cost-effective irrigation solutions to our clients. Let your Alderwood Landscape architect know if you want to look into getting rotary nozzles as a part of your Sustainable Certification package!


*Alderwood Landscaping is not sponsored by Hunter Industries and receives no payment as a result of this article. Information and statistics in this article are not endorsed by Hunter Industries and any incorrect reporting of information is unintentional. For more information on MP Rotators visit

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