Landscape Design Tips for Hiding Utility Boxes

This is the season when, as buds and blooms fall and fade, Autumn reveals the ugliest parts of our yards. But don't worry; now is an excellent time for a structural re-design to hide those eyesores! Here are some ideas on how you can hide some of the most unsightly views in your landscape.

*Please be aware that most electrical boxes have requirements for leaving plenty of space around them. Always read any labels or contact utility companies for proper guidelines before securing structures around utility boxes.*

Eyesores Against the House

Even though we can't live without utilities, the boxes attached to your home with their lengthy pipe systems can completely ruin the design aesthetic of your home. Covering these eyesores becomes challenging, though, when you still need to have access to them. 

To block the view of utility boxes up against the once, one option is to build a small, vertical cabinet system with an open back. This will aptly cover the appliance while shielding it from view (and decorative handles for the door can coordinate with your home's interior). A cabinet is also a fantastic option for hiding exterior outlets! For best camouflage, paint the cabinet the same color as your house.

During warmer weather, you may keep a garden hose next to the exterior faucet. While hose storage reels work fine, consider a wood box a cute, decorative hose storage option!

Large Utility Boxes

Larger utility boxes can be challenging to hide from view. Many containers are painted green to blend in with the natural surroundings. This is why we recommend using green "camouflage" surrounding the box. Shrubs, ornamental grasses, or flowering bushes with evergreen foliage are best. Avoid planting a tree nearby, as it won't effectively conceal the box, and its expansive root system could damage underground pipes. If shrubs don't work in your space, consider a lattice privacy screen or something similar that is easily removable.

Small Pipes and Drainage Covers

Similarly, you can easily hide small electrical boxes or sewer lids in a landscape design with shrubs or flowers. Ensure to plant evergreen foliage for year-round coverage, and you're set! Another option is to purchase appropriately-sized faux rock covers. Designed to look like boulders or large rocks, these cover smaller boxes and vertical pipes and are both effective camouflage and easy to remove!

Cans and Bins

Hiding recycling and garbage cans while keeping them easily accessible is a challenge. Thankfully, we're here to help! Several models and sizes of storage sheds are available that work great, or you can opt to DIY a lattice fence on the side of your house to block their view. Whichever option works best for your landscape and budget, we recommend painting the structure the same color as your house. Not only will it coordinate beautifully with your home, but the lattice will also become the perfect place for climbing flowers to grow! It will become a gorgeous décor piece in your landscape design.

Other Tips

Here are some other things to keep in mind! Many landscape bloggers recommend using small, foldable screens to cover anything you don't want to be seen. However, while these screens may work temporarily, we advise against them. Depending on the style, they may bring MORE attention to the space by looking out of place.

In the spring and summer, you can plant lots of flowers around the base of any ugly item to conceal the area further. For year-round coverage, we recommend something with evergreen foliage such as rhododendrons, hydrangea, boxwoods, or other shrubs.

We hope these ideas have given you confidence in falling in love with your landscape! Need more of an overhaul? Give us a call! (866) 467-8298

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