Landscaping vs The Hell-Strip: How to Fight Back

For many homeowners, the problem area in their front yard is the strip of grass around their mailbox. It’s that same area that’s separated from your main yard by the public sidewalk or your driveway. In fact, this area of the American yard is so troublesome it’s commonly known as the “hell-strip.” Luckily, the hell-strip of your own yard can be easily tamed by a little creative thinking and a professional landscaping service.

Check For Restrictions

Up to 90% of real estate agents recommend that homeowners invest in landscaping. This is to up your curb appeal before putting your home on the market. But before you talk to your landscaping service about the hell-strip, you need to talk to the HOA. The HOA, or homeowners association, will tell you if there are any restrictions about the hell-strip. Because this area of your yard is closest to the street and can affect the general public, you may have limited options for upgrades. Still, an upgrade may be preferable to how it currently looks.

Homeowners landscaping restrictions


There’s a reason why this area of your yard is called the hell-strip. And it’s not because it’s easy to work with. Unlike the rest of your yard, this grassy area is close to the street and the sidewalk. This means it’s exposed to more extreme temperatures compared to you main yard. During the summer, the heat from the asphalt can have an adverse effect on the plants that you choose to plant. Likewise, during the winter, rock salt and heavy snow can take a toll on this area. This area is even susceptible to problems during mild weather. Pedestrians and dogs will be regularly passing by this area.

The Hell-strip Can't Seem To Catch a Break.

With these factors in mind, be sure that what you choose to plant in this area is incredibly hardy. It’s also best to make sure any plants you choose are also drought-resistant.

Talk to Your Landscape Service

Professional landscapers know how to navigate troublesome yard areas. And odds are they’ll be able to help you find the right plants for the hell-strip of your own yard. If you’re looking for a landscaping service to take your backyard up a notch this summer, Alderwood Landscaping is the landscape service for you. To learn more about our Spokane or Bellevue landscape designs, contact Alderwood Landscaping today for more information.

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