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Quick Landscape Fixes that Make a Big Impact in Bellevue

More and more people are expressing concern over their yard's appearance. A well-landscaped lawn, however, can take a lot of time, money, and effort. With busy schedules and smoky summer weather, it can be hard to find a clear afternoon to spend outside on your curb appeal. So, what good can an hour of landscaping do? Quite a bit!! Here are some ways you can improve your yard in a short amount of time.


Without a doubt, planting colorful flowers will increase your home's curb appeal. If you have to pick an area of your yard to focus on, plant blooming perennials in the front beds. As a part of your home's first impression, the front garden beds will appear welcoming and -- regardless of what the backyard looks like -- give off the illusion that you take excellent care of your yard.


If your beds already have flowers or evergreen shrubs, a fresh layer of mulch is another quick way to add visual interest. Place mulch around each garden bed for a fresh appearance. While this often looks best after beds are weeded, adding even a thin layer around trees and shrubs looks great and provides nutrients to neighboring plants.

Mowing and Edging

This may go without saying, but if your lawn is starting to look like the Amazon rainforest, it might be best to spend any free time you have cutting it down. Not only will this keep your grass healthy, but it truly makes a significant impact on your home's appearance. If you have a bit of additional time, edging your lawn is relatively simple but visually priceless.

Controlling Over-Growth

Your yard appears loved and taken care of when there is no hint of over-growth, so it is important to spend time each week outside weeding and pruning. Although weeding can be time-consuming, it truly impacts your yard's appearance. Even 10 minutes of weed-whacking the areas of tall brush growth around your property makes a difference. The same goes for pruning. Proper trimming and pruning improve not only appearance but also your plant's health. Also, healthy-looking, thriving plants will brighten up your entire yard!

Next time you have a few minutes to do some landscape maintenance, hopefully, you feel encouraged to tackle the projects that will make the most significant difference in appearance!

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