Three Energy-Saving Hacks for Homeowners

There are plenty of ways to create an energy-efficient property in addition to a sustainable landscape! In this article, we highlight some of our favorite, more unique ways to go green and cut down on your electricity bill!

Green Roof

Since a house's roof is very exposed to the elements, it is the perfect place to start when creating a more eco-friendly yard. While homeowners in sunnier climates may see value in solar panels, others may want to consider trading in shingles for greenery. If it works with the design of your house, a roof-top garden can be the perfect way to save money. Collect rainwater, insulate your home in the winter, and use summer's rays to grow food and flowers rather than to heat your home. This reduces heating, cooling, and grocery costs. Who wouldn't want that?!

Ideal Tree Placement

Trees used to be everywhere in the Pacific Northwest, but the construction of numerous developed areas has significantly decreased the number of evergreens. Trees not only provide cleaner air and shade, which results in a healthier environment, but they also reduce energy costs! Where you plant trees on your property is extremely important. In the PNW, experts recommend placing trees on the south side of your property.
Choose large deciduous trees because they lose their leaves in winter, allowing the sun to reach (and heat) your home more efficiently. In the summer, trees provide shade that blocks the sun and unwanted heat from you and your home. Be careful, though, to ensure that larger trees' roots remain far away from underground plumbing lines!

Artificial Shade

If moving or planting trees isn't feasible, pergolas or awnings above a front or back porch are great ways to shade your house and yard. They not only cool down your home and offer respite from rainy winters, but they also bring style to your landscape! With so many designs to choose from, many property owners decide to include this in their outdoor decor.

While these options may seem easy to do DIY-style, we recommend consulting a licensed landscape architect or designer for the best results!
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