Tips for Watering Efficiently

As we enter into summer and the weather begins to heat up, it is essential to keep your yard well-saturated. While it may be tempting to water your lovely landscape as much as possible, too much moisture can be detrimental to both your lawn and the environment.
Here are several sustainable ways to efficiently keep your yard watered throughout these dry months:

outdoor resort and living space with water feature

Replace Dead Lawn

Do you have a patch of lawn that never seems to grow healthy grass? You might consider replacing it with a garden bed or patio if it is in the shade or on the edge of your landscape. This way, you won't waste money trying to water a space that isn't likely to grow.

Choose Local Plants

Support your local businesses and purchase plants that are native to your area. This way, they are suited for your environment and will not require too much extra attention or water. On the other hand, planting flowers that require much more water than your area receives would make a dent in your water bill! Plant native plants for a sustainable landscape.

Use Advanced Technology

There are several electronic options on the market today for your sprinkler system. Water timers and smart irrigation systems ensure your lawn is only getting the amount of water that it needs. Some of these are now compatible with both your phone and your home gadgets (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.). Using these programs guarantees not only the health of your lawn but also efficient water use.

If a backyard resort renovation completed by experts sounds enticing, our licensed landscape architects would love to meet with you! During a free design consultation, we would discuss how to integrate sustainable methods like these into your backyard landscape. Want to learn more? Contact Alderwood today!

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