What Grows Best in Eastern Washington

If you plan your backyard's landscaping and plantings, our experts advise you choose plants and flowers native to your local area. These plants have the best chances of thriving in your landscape. To help out those in the Spokane area, we have compiled this list of flowers, shrubs, and crops that flourish in the Eastern Washington climate.

(On the other side of the mountains? Here is our list of what to plant in the Seattle/Bellevue area!)

This information is based on the USDA'S geographical hardiness zones. Spokane (and the surrounding areas) is in Zone 6. This means Spokane residents usually see a warm summer, cold winter, and a 180-day growing season. Of course, the list provided in this article is not exclusive. There are also plenty of other plants or vegetables that thrive in zone 6. Just because it is not best suited for this area does not mean it cannot produce a crop. If you are looking for easily attainable, high success rates, this list is a great place to start!



An orchid is a gorgeous, evergreen flower. These are an excellent addition to any yard needing year-round appeal, as they provide white, delicate blooms in the fall and beautiful, green foliage in winter.


Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed to have the stunning rose bush grow so well here. With so many different colors and varieties such as climbing, mini, or hybrid-tea, a rose bush is likely to be the perfect fit for several locations in your yard!


These perennials are great additions to any yard. Hardy flowers like these are perfect for beginner gardeners. Daylilies pair best with ornamental grasses and small shrubs.

Shrubs and Trees

Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are an Alderwood favorite. Known for their hardiness, ability to adapt quickly, and bright fall leaves, you will not regret planting one of these in your landscape.


Hydrangeas are a summer favorite in the Pacific Northwest. In Spokane especially, they offer large, colorful flowers. The Hydrangea bush grows broad leaves, and such full foliage provides an excellent ground cover.


This flowering perennial is an excellent ground cover as well. Before you get to planting, there are a few things that are good to know. For example, it is an invasive species and drought tolerant, so it flourishes with little care. A wildly popular pollinator plant, the primrose benefits pollinator insects and the other plants in your garden!



Some parts of Eastern Washington have better luck growing corn than others, but it produces a bounty in the right summer months.


Tomatoes, on the other hand, seem to be successful no matter where they are grown. When picking a tomato plant for your garden, choose a start that already has some growth. Ensure the variety chosen is the best fit for your space (shade, sun, water needed, etc.).


Leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach also do well in this climate. Start on these crops early to get the most out of the short season.

Whatever you choose to plant this year, now is the time to get started! With the last frost (hopefully) behind us, pull out your gardening gloves and get to work!

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