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Floating Concrete House

A home as unique as this one deserves a unique landscape to complement it! The client’s new home needed something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He had some ideas of what might be cool, but at the end of the day, he trusted Alderwood’s team of landscape contractors in Spokane to develop a modern landscape design that would enhance the entrance to his home and outdoor living areas.

Alderwood’s licensed Spokane Landscape Architect met the homeowner by chance and hit it off. At the initial consultation meeting, our Landscape Architect suggested a concept that involved “floating concrete” and a custom water feature as the home’s entry statement. As the design process unfolded, other design elements revealed themselves naturally: a modern garden space, custom fire pit, boulder staircase, gravel path, and a unique dry creek bed to tie the front back yards together.

Once the design was finalized, construction took 10 weeks to complete. The entire project was finished on time and on budget. Due to the unique shape of the home and small lot, access to this site was tight. Several permits were required to utilize public streets for material storage, equipment staging, and trailer parking. Once those permits were obtained, the project progressed smoothly thereafter.
The home and landscaping complement each other perfectly. In our humble opinion, we believe this is one of the most unique and well-designed properties not only in Spokane but in the Pacific Northwest.

Design Elements

  • Custom Concrete Entryway Water Feature
  • Modern Garden with Raised Steel Planters
  • Custom Gas Fire Pit
  • Native Hydroseed Lawn
  • Custom Outdoor Lighting
  • Plantings
Floating Concrete House