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Forested Courtyard Oasis

When tackling this project, our designers were excited to create our client's dream space. This project is a local masterpiece, with several lounge areas and a dreamy courtyard!

The clients' main goal was to optimize their outdoor area. They had a large yard with an existing sport court but wanted a more functional entertainment space. Because of the position of their house, the clients agreed with the architect that an outdoor living space set away from the home would offer better Western sun and longer day-time use. The backyard was mostly bare except for an existing sport court, which the owners requested to be upgraded and included in the final landscape.

Although the sloping grade of the existing yard wasn't unfamiliar to our crews, the existing layout and PNW weather created a seasonal stream that needed to be addressed. Working with city codes and permitting, we fixed the drainage and slope issues and ensured the preservation of the natural hillside.

Since our architect designed the outdoor structure and main living space away from the house, it offered a unique design opportunity. The expansive paver patio is broken up by a small columnar water feature, giving it a unique courtyard feel. The project also includes a sunken fire pit area to flow with the natural slope, a chef's outdoor grill with pizza oven, a large dining space, and a counter-sunk hot tub that remains close to the house yet out of the main view.

With several distinct elements, this project quickly became an entertainer's paradise. From the multiple fire pit lounge areas and water feature to the updated sport court and complete kitchen space, the landscape has everything our clients need to enjoy the space for years to come!

Design Elements

  • Courtyard paver patio
  • Circular fire pit seating
  • Sunken stone fire pit
  • Upgraded sport court with night lighting
  • Columnar water feature
Forested Courtyard Oasis