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Rock Meadows Fire and Water

For this backyard project, our clients had recently completed a remodel of their home’s interior, which changed various aspects of their backyard and how the spaces where accessed and used. Hoping to update their exterior to complement their new home remodel, our clients contacted Alderwood to help envision and construct a backyard paradise.

Our design team and landscape architects helped re-imagine the backyard space to create a more spacious outdoor area for cooking and entertaining. An evening fire pit space was also added to capture some evening sun on long summer days. A central request was the creation of a quaint, yet engaging, stream-like water feature. The clients desire was that the falls be visible from various parts of the home and outdoor space for the ultimate relaxing experience.

This family will be entertaining in their backyard for years to come.

Design Elements

  • Enhanced backyard spaces with new patio areas and upgraded Porcelain pavers.
  • Small, yet engaging water feature with natural stream-like falls
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Bold planting palette and seasonal interest
  • LED night lighting
Rock Meadows Fire and Water