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Alderwood Landscaping is a design/build landscape architecture firm specializing in creating large backyard resorts that include custom garden spaces. Our experienced professionals envision spaces with fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens, paver patios, and vegetable gardens.

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When Should I Start My Garden?

Whether it's the increase in food prices or the desire to start a new hobby, we know you're anxious to get your garden underway for the most bountiful harvest! But when should you start your garden, and what can you do to get a head start? We've got you covered!

How to Design the Perfect Garden for Your Outdoor Space in Bellevue

Want a garden in your backyard? Whether you're looking to add a beautiful sanctuary to your outdoor space or you're hoping to grow your own vegetables, read this article to start brainstorming how to design your garden space!

5 Homeowners with Breathtaking Outdoor Entertainment Areas

In Washington and Idaho's most affluent neighborhoods, numerous families enjoy life in their dream homes. However, only a few of them have unlocked their backyard's potential! After experiencing their outdoor transformation, many of our clients express that they feel like they've gained additional square footage with the usable entertainment and lounge space!

Here are a few of our most expansive landscape transformations that truly take entertaining to the next level!

The Quiet Gardens Landscaping Trend in Bellevue

The Wall Street Journal came out with an article last month that emphasized an up-and-coming trend in landscaping. According to the article, "quiet gardens" have become increasingly popular in the previous year to reduce anxiety. Gardening and landscape maintenance are known to reduce stress, but this new trend refers to a calming landscape design from the start. Keep reading as we flesh out this new trend

The Future of Green Landscaping: How the Sustainable Landscape is Changing in Bellevue

The year 2020 brought an influx of new experiences, challenges, and victories. As with every passing year, environmentalists and organizations worldwide encouraged sustainable practices, especially in the landscape industry. Let's look at the environmental tech advances this year and see where natural landscaping seems to be heading!

Cultivating Your Family's Love of Gardening

Whether you believe sustainable living is vital for our planet's longevity or you simply enjoy a flourishing landscape, you won't regret making gardening a family affair! Cultivating a love for plants and home-grown food in your children creates sweet memories for everyone!
Perhaps the most significant benefit of gardening with your children is the opportunity to work alongside them, showing them the joys of hard work and responsibility! When planting flowers and seeds, younger kiddos can use kid-friendly tools to play in the dirt next to you, pick weeds with you, or decorate garden areas with rocks and leaves!

Anything but traditional,

we have curated the finest talent in the Pacific and Inland Northwest and approach landscape architecture in a unique way. Bold, creative ideas from you blends with our designers’ expertise and innovation to create immersive outdoor spaces that are truly personalized backyard resorts. Together, we create an environment you can truly call your own.

A resort in your own backyard.

Nspire Magazine

Nspire Magazine featured one of our latest and largest projects; with a fire pit, pool, water features, and a gorgeous view, the project's ins and outs are explained in this article.

Best of Houzz

For eleven years, Alderwood Landscaping has won the Best of Houzz Design and Best of Houzz Service awards. We are so grateful to represent our Houzz.com community.


Our project, Hillside Backyard Renovation, was featured on the Curbed Seattle website! Curbed's city sites breathe life into real estate and neighborhood news with witty and insightful coverage of the country's most vibrant urban centers.

Spokane + Coeur d'Alene Living

Our project, 'Floating Concrete House', was featured on the cover of the September 2014 edition of Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine! It was also the featured story.

The Huffington Post

Several of our projects, including Backyard Sanctuary, Luxury, and Newcastle Backyard Oasis have been featured on Huffington Post's website and articles. Huffington Post is an American news aggregator and blog.

Seattle Magazine

Our projects Mountain Golf Course Retreat, Refined Outdoor Living, and Rustic Romantic Mountain Spa have been featured in Seattle Magazine. Seattle Magazine has been the area's most trusted magazine.


Our project, Private Backyard Escape was featured on Money Magazine's website. A part of TIME Inc, Money's articles cover topics regarding personal finance and investing.

425 Magazine

Our projects Bellevue Waterfall House and Refined Outdoor Living were featured in 425 Magazine. 425 focuses on local living and offers ideas and resources for gardening, decor, crafting, and building.


HGTV has featured many pictures from our projects, with Refined Elegance as a highlighted project as well. HGTV is a network providing resource for everything home and garden.


Expertise.com chose Alderwood Landscaping as Bellevue's #1 landscape architecture company in 2022.